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Welcome to Dongguan Chengmin Garment Accessories Co.,LTD.

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Leather / leather labelDisu plastic / plastic chapterZipper head / handlePrinting productsCoaster / mouse padLuggage tagAdvertising gifts

Why choose us

Focus on all kinds of leather products
16 years of experience to your professional custom experience

16 years of professional production experience and management team

Mature materials supporting resources, high-quality materials supply chain

Advanced equipment, automatic screen printing machine, automatic hot press

Company products have international quality certification
Fully implement the ISO9001 quality management system

Unique mold heat treatment technology, a molding, solid quality, to ensure that 10 years without distortion

Products are mainly sold in mainland China cities, Hong Kong and Europe and the United States in Asia

100% zero defect process quality control; incoming inspection; process inspection; finished product inspection; factory checks and a series of quality inspection, and obtained iso900 quality certification

Excellent product, reasonable price,
Accurate delivery, sincere reputation in the service of our customers.

With rich experience, professional spirit to provide customers with satisfactory products

Absorb advanced technologies at home and abroad, improve production technology, to absorb all kinds of talents

Direct use of the factory directly to the customer model, eliminating the middle part of profit distribution, the price is more competitive. At the same time ensure the primary sources, a large number of ordinary products inventory, fast delivery.

A strong after-sales team, a scientific follow-up management process,Deep won by customers!

Orders in accordance with the project management process implementation, the establishment of a dedicated project management service team scientific system with a single procedure, receive orders, entry erp order management system; never miss an order;

24-hour online service team, caring, intentions;

Scientific production management processes to achieve outstanding quality

Inquiry products speed quote within 10 minutes, proofing time 3-5 days!

Set up a special order project team, order entry erp management system, science with the single, to prevent less single, missed a single

100% zero defect process quality control

①Incoming inspection:100% of all the raw materials back to the factory full inspection, control of color, flower marks, thickness, brightness, pressure test discoloration effect, test whether the fade washed.
②Process inspection:Production inspection every hour to check whether the pressure is clear, the color is on the version and do a good job of functional testing.
③Product inspection:100% of all products all seized。

About us

Dongguan Chengmin Garment Accessories Co.,LTD.

Dongguan Chengmin Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. integrates design, production and service, specializing in the production and processing of various types of clothing with leather superscript, tag, cloth Mark and other clothing accessories accessories. Founded in 2001, the main processing and product...

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